Brown Bread (english)


In the hills of Northern California, an unusual family gathers for their reunion. As they join hands around the table, their colorful mix of races looks like the American dream of integration. It started with a vision. The grandparents recall how in the 1970s they began to adopt. Scenes from the week-long reunion are intercut with images from their adult children''s daily lives. A professor at Stanford, a manual day laborer, an entrepreneur in debt, ...these portraits show radical differences in class and identity. Their ability to laugh and to love across boundaries of social and racial division made this family possible. But their differences still drive them apart. A personal documentary about what it means to grow up in an adoptive family.



Adoption stories usually focus on adoptive parents, birth parents, or adoptees, and a lot of time is spent on hearing narratives from the adoption triad to improve the adoption experience. But there is another voice that is just as important…

Those Four Little Words

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In the family of US filmmaker Sarah Gross integration was never just an abstract concept but a living reality – with all the joys, difficulties, all the rage and anger all …


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Bay Area-raised director turns lens on her family.

Documentary filmmaker Sarah Gross turns the camera on her own biracial Bay Area family in “Brown Bread,” which screens Sunday at the Roxie in San Francisco. […] “Brown Bread’ is about family and race and identity and how, in a way, all families are dysfunctional.”

SF Chronicle

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Brown Bread is a film about family, about ethnic identity, and about how we define ourselves regardless of geographic locations or last names.  Sarah uses the medium of film to challenge what cultures think of as normal family structure…

National Public Radio NPR

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Brown Bread is a film about family, about ethnic identity, and how we define ourselves regardless of geographical locations or last name.

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Brown Bread recipe

1 pkt of dry yeast
½ cup of sugar
I Tablesp. Salt
Dissolve above in 3 cups warm water
Add molasses to taste ( about 3 Tablesp.)
Stir in, mixing well:
4 cups  flour
4 cups white flour
Leave to rise til doubled in bulk
Divide into two well greased bread pans
Leave to rise in pans until brimming pan
Bake at 350 F. for 50­- 60 minutes.
Remove from pans let cool on rack.